• Valley of the Moon Park

    The playground here is one of the largest in Anchorage. It boasts a rocket ship set-up with multiple tiers and slides—ideal for older kids—and a separate, smaller set-up for younger children. Rounding out the collection is a swing set that’s sturdy enough for adults and a geometric, monkey-bar set-up that Read more [...]

  • Planet Walk

    The Anchorage Light Speed Planet Walk is a scale model of our solar system. Taking the walk, you experience the relative size of the planets and their distance from the Sun. The scale was chosen so that a leisurely walking pace mimics the speed of light. On this scale, each Read more [...]

  • Oscar Anderson House

    The Oscar Anderson House Museum is a historical museum at 420 M Street in downtown Anchorage in the U.S. state of Alaska. Located in Elderberry Park, the structure was built in 1915 by early Anchorage resident Oscar Anderson.

  • Anchorage Museum

    The Anchorage Museum is a large art, history, ethnography, ecology and science museum located in a modern building in the heart of Anchorage, Alaska. It is dedicated to studying and exploring the land, peoples, art and history of Alaska.

  • Resolution Park

    The bronze Captain Cook Monument has the famed explorer standing on a large wooden deck, looking out to sea — toward the route he used when he explored Cook Inlet in 1778 aboard HMS Resolution. Captain Cook never actually reached Anchorage, but he sent his ship’s master, William Bligh (known Read more [...]

  • Rust’s Flying Service

    Rust’s Flying Service “Booked an all day guided salmon fishing trip. Kinda pricey ($600 each plus $25 one day fishing license) but so worth it. Rust only flies you there and back. Rust partners with McDougal Lodge for the fishing.…

  • Flattop Mountain Trail

    Flattop is Alaska’s most visited peak. Ascend the 1.5 – mile, 1,350 vertical foot trail to the rocky, football field-sized summit in about an hour and take in panoramic views from Denali (Mt. McKinley) to the Aleutian Islands. If you want vistas without the hike, walk the short path from Read more [...]